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I've been writing fiction and non-fiction for over three decades now. Most of my non-fiction was written during my extreme conservative phase. Since I'm ashamed of much of what I wrote back then, I won't even mention it here.
I hope this table will give you an overview of the kind of work I'm doing.
The Traveler Series
The Traveler published summer 2005
The High Priestess completed spring 2006
The Goddess of Death in progress
The Golden Messenger treatment
The Enchantress treatment
The Guardian treatment
The One Law treatment
The Anne Series
Anne with an E in progress
Faith planned
Anne with an E completed fall 2006
Curiosa treatment
Der Schlüssel (The Key) treatment
Nachtschatten (Nightshade) treatment
planned Nothing much done here, just an idea in my head or on paper somewhere.
treatment I wrote a detailed synopsis and probably even did some work on the manuscript.
completed The manuscript is complete and ready for a publisher or producer.
published Well, published, obvioulsy. I hope to see a lot more of these in time.


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