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I was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, to an enlisted officer of the US Air Force on March 5, 1960. My parents moved back to the States, and I grew up in Kettering, Ohio. When my mother remarried a Swiss citizen after a divorce, we moved to Switzerland in 1973.

Besides being diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) a few years ago, I think the many necessary adjustments in my life, such as having to learn a new language (German) and impending culture shock, were probably what jolted my creativity.

As extraordinary as it may seem, many of the ideas and images for the Traveler series have been with me since the mid 1970's, when I began writing short fantasy and science fiction stories, none of which I ever attempted to get published. The influence of such authors as C.S. Lewis, Stephen Lawhead and J.R.R. Tolkien are still noticeable in my work.

The first drafts of The Rose and The Alley (the prelude and the first interlude of the Traveler series) were actually written in 1991, when I returned to Switzerland after a stay in Central Oregon. But my often turbulent life led me to explore forms of my Christian faith which were as yet unfamiliar to me, and I turned aside from my attempts at serious writing for over a decade. Finally, in the fall of 2003, I dug up my old manuscripts and seriously began working on the Traveler series.

As with the creations of the visionary artists whose work is presented on this site, it is my desire to bring light into the darkness and to suggest more uplifting and spiritual possibilities of life by placing the eternal values of love, hope, and faith at the center of my message. In my writing, I incorporate my personal experience that transcendence to higher ideals is often accompanied by the refining pain inherent to the process of transformation. I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic and wouldn't mind losing myself in the beauty of a flaming sunset.

I have a Swiss Diploma in computer engineering. I enjoy hiking, bowling, golf, music, reading, and, of course, writing. I live near Thun, Switzerland, with my wife Rita and my two boys, Conrad and Caleb.


The Krausche Family
Conrad, Rita, Peter, Caleb, and Mira


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