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The Traveler Universe

Culture: The Selanian Brooch of Office

The Selanian brooch of office seen here on the right depicts the triphyllon, the three-leafed symbol for eternity (or infinity), superimposed over a circle, which is the Selanian symbol for the Selani people, and therefore also for the spirit. The brooch represents God’s dealings with humanity, His loving involvement in our affairs.

Seen from a Christian perspective, it's not difficult to compare the triphyllon with the Holy Trinity: three interlocked leaves, separate entities yet forever bound together in a closed loop. At the commencement of the Traveler series, the Selani are not yet aware of the brooch’s full meaning.

The brooch has three tiers, or layers, reinforcing its trilateral symbolism. The three tiers represent the three basic, eternal, spiritual values: love, hope, and faith. Since love is the greatest of these, it forms the foundation and is therefore embodied by the lowest tier. This implies the three essential doctrines of Christianity:

1) Love: salvation by grace through the sacrifice of Christ
2) Hope: the resurrection of Christ
3) Faith: the deity of Christ.

The material of which the Selanian brooch is made distinguishes the offices of the Selanian Order. (See article on the Selanian Order.) The material also symbolizes a certain attribute of the office of the bearer. If a brooch is made of two materials (such as the brooch of the High Priestess and High Priest used as the logo of this website on the top left), the office is believed to require both attributes. The table below denotes these attributes.






Deacon, Deaconess



Priest, Priestess









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