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The Traveler Universe

Piral Inhabitants: Demantar

Before the time of the Cataclysm, the Demantar grazed in the Grasslands of the Vortelan surrounding Malentisa, which at that time was still a very fertile basin. The Demantar were therefore most likely herbivores. Despite this fact, it is apparant that the Demantar were doubtlessly Dragons. Contrary to most Dragon legends, the Demantar did not have wings and many scholars believe they were related to the Drayk or Wyrm. On the other hand, the Demantar were not long worms, but sleek and elegant creatures that had certain similarities to marine mammals, such as the Orca. The greatest resemblance of these formidable creatures would therefore be to the biblical Leviathan.

Here is a description of the Demantar, as the Prophet Nevacad saw them (Excerpt from the Prologue of The Traveler):

The Prophet emerged from his trance and raised his eyes to gaze at the creatures around him. They radiated a wild and ardent beauty that was difficult to reconcile with their apparent wisdom and gentleness. Crimson crests enclosed their heads like manes and adorned their sleek bodies and long, muscular tails like elegant fins. The moon’s light seemed to bring out these beautiful patterns and set them in stunning contrast to the shimmering blackness of the creatures’ smooth skin.

The threatening fangs jutting from their short snouts and the vicious claws impending from their huge, webbed paws belied the concerned glances they shot him from their dark eyes. If he hadn’t been prepared by the persistent visions that had led him here, he might have found it strange to discover them so far from any body of water, since they were evidently creatures of the sea. The sight of them might well have devastated the unwary and reminded him of the fearsome titles that had been given them in the past:





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