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The Traveler Universe

Piral Inhabitants: Elinar

It is very difficult to define the Elinar. They have similarities both to fairies and angels. In the novel, The Traveler, I chose the term angels. This is not quite so astonishing, since angels are often divine heralds. The Elinar are considered by the Tinavar to be the divine Heralds of Wisdom and Guardians of Passage (see the chapter A Tinavar's Choice in the book).

Fairies are usually quite small. The Elinar, on the other hand, are tall, even by human standards. Contrary to angels, the Elinar have wings similar to fairies, although the wings of the Elinar are huge and graceful. It would be difficult to reconcile the daintiness of many fairies depicted in contemporary artwork to the majesty, nobility and pride of the Elinar.

It is rumored that the Elinar and the Demantar coexisted in some form of symbiosis. Evidence in this direction is the statue of the Queen of the Elinar in the gardens of His Excellency's residence in Tolares. The Queen is displayed together with a Demantar.

It was difficult to find images that had a semblance of the Elinar's nobility. I hope the image on the right by Gilbert Williams will give you an idea. Please click on the image to go directly to the homepage of Gilbert Williams and the Isis Rising Gallery.

Angel Falls

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