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The Traveler Series

Excerpt: The High Priestess

The second volume of the Traveler series again contains two stories: The Alley and The High Priestess. The Alley jumps back and forth between the story of Jonathan, a battered, seven-year-old boy growing up in the South Bronx, and the story of Tamenisa, Silana's protegee and current High Priestess of the Selanian Order, and her friends Melina, who is Silana's sister, and Talas. The High Priestess picks up where The Traveler left off, with the arrival of Nova, Catyana, and Vilam in Tolares.

In order to read the excerpt, you will need the Adobe Flash Player. If you don't have it, the system should automatically ask you if you wish to download it. Other wise you can download it by clicking here.

Adobe Flash Paper is easy to use. Just use the controls at the top of the document below. You can set the size to make the pages easier to view, or click on the icon on the top right to open the excerpt in a seperate full-page window.

I've included two chapters of the interlude, The Alley, and two chapters of the main part, The High Priestess. Enjoy!



Excerpted from The High Priestess by Peter Krausche. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the author.


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