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Writing: Inaren Fonts

I've only made the Selanian modern cursive available for now. You can download the TrueType font by clicking here. Below, I've prepared a Flash document about keyboard mapping of the Selanian characters. Don't forget: Selanian is written from right to left, so you'll need to install the corresponding language support on your system. If you're using Windows XP, you can install your downloaded font with the system control panel.

In order to read the document below, you'll need the Adobe Flash Player. If you don't have it, the system should automatically ask you if you wish to download it. Other wise you can download it by clicking here.

Adobe Flash Paper is easy to use. Just use the controls at the top of the document below. You can set the size to make the pages easier to view, or click on the icon on the top right to open the document in a seperate full-page window.



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