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Language: Gender and Articles

The Selanian language recognizes two substantive genders: masculine and feminine. If a noun requires a definite or plural article, the article is placed at the end of the word as a suffix. There is no singular indefinite article in the Selanian language. The masculine singular definite article rhymes with the English word hay. The plural definite articles are both pronounced exactly the same, as in the English word eye.



Plural Definite

Plural Indefinite











The formal address of the Selanian godhead is The One. One in Selanian is ana. The One is therefore written as Anae, since the godhead is recognized as a masculine entity in the Selanian faith.

The word for wind or spirit in the Selanian language is selan. The word is masculine, so the wind or the spirit would be selanae. The Sword of Selanae must therefore be translated as The Sword of the Spirit.

The word for fire is pilan in the Selanian language and is also masculine. The fire is translated as pilanae. The plural form, the fires, would be written as pilanei.

In English, one sometimes refers to Mother Earth. This metaphor receives its own significance in the Selanian language since piral, or earth, is feminine. The Earth is therefore written as pirala.

Water is osal in Selanian and is feminine. The Great Waters of Halena Yazoral are referred to by the Selani as osalai linos.

Velan is the Selanian term for sun and is also feminine. The sun of Piral is therefore referred to as Velana.

The concept of gender is used profoundly in the Selanian marriage ritual. The male symbols of fire (light) and wind (spirit) are placed in the left and right hands (respectively) of the groom during the ceremony, and are complemented by the female symbols of water and earth in the left and right hands of the bride. As the ritual progresses, fire and earth, spirit and water converge, symbolizing a new form of life.


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