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    There is always hope...


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Hello Everyone!

I'm very sorry there hasn't been more activity here, but our family ran into a bit of a crisis in February, which pretty much brought everything else to a grinding halt. Your prayers are appreciated.

What I have done for you, though, is implement the promised excerpts of the second volume of the Traveler series, The High Priestess. You can either use the menu on the left (Read an Excerpt) or the following link.

Excerpt from The High Priestess

I'll keep you informed of new developments as they arise. Until then, you might want to read this review of The Traveler in The Sword Review.

I wish you all the best and please take care

Peter Krausche
May 6, 2006



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    "Even in the darkest moments and under the most devastating circumstances, there is always hope..."
                                                         -- The Traveleress, Reflections of the Soul

   "Lovers of science fiction will find not only fascinating characters and plenty of adventure, but an invitation to an inner journey farther-reaching than even the most intriguing voyage to realms of rich imagination."
                         -- Elizabeth Sherrill, Co-author of The Cross and the Switchblade




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