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The Traveler Universe


Before the Galactic Diaspora, the Selanian language was the only language spoken by the races indigenous to the planet Piral. It is therefore profitable for any students of the chronological sciences to study this language in more detail. What is even more fascinating is that the language endured the Galactic Diaspora, was in use on Chyoradan for many centuries, and has today once again become the language most widely employed to communicate throughout the galaxy. Scholars assume that the language was able to survive because of its significant connection to the spiritual origins of the Selanian Order and its application in the Selani s’Ulavan.

A characteristic aspect of the Selanian language is that new words are often formed through association and combination of existing words. Because the Selani are very conscious of the flow of the tongue, the word combinations are often abbreviated to facilitate pronunciation, thereby sacrificing semantics for aesthetics.

In this section of the website, the following articles have been arranged for your convenience:

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