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The Traveler Universe

Piral: Maps

The maps on this page represent areas on the planet Piral relevant to the plot of the Traveler series. Each of the three maps zoom in a little further to the Suviltan Plateau. To give you an idea of distances: It's 500 Selanian norvani (translated as leagues in the series) from Travis to Divestelan, which is about 440 miles or 700 km.

Click on the images below to obtain a full-color, high resolution image. The image will pop up in a new window. You can download it and save it on your computer by right-clicking on the image and choosing the correct option.

WARNING: The images are quite large (1 - 1.5 MB) and may therefore take a while to download if you have a slow connection.

This first map gives you an overview of a portion of the Northwestern Hemisphere of Piral. Stationed around the Suviltan Plateau you have the Sea of Ventara and the Plains of Tesalin in the west, the Navaren (Northern Forests) in the north, the Chyenesar in the east and the Sumelan in the south.
This second map shows an area surrounding the Suviltan Plateau. The map's view corresponds to the holographic image concealed in the Prophet's Bow (see the chapter The Bow in The Traveler). Contrary to the holographic image, the map on the right has north facing up and south facing down. On the left is the Sea of Ventara and the Covasin Massif. To the south we have the Desert of Vortelan with Malentisa at its center. The Tyenar Mountains are located in the east.
This last map shows an enlarged view of the Suviltan Palteau, with the city of Travis on the right and Divestelan on the left. Tolares is in the center and Nadil just to the right of it.


The maps were created with Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro by ProFantasy Software Ltd.


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