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The Traveler Universe

Culture: Linear Units of Measure

During the first decades of the Millennial Peace, the Selanian Order saw the necessity of synchronizing units of measure. Legend has it that the Advisory Council asked the Prophet Cades to find a satisfactory model for a cubit. Cades was inspired to use the forearm of his great-granddaughter Vitela at the time of her Affirmation, which is usually performed at the age of seven. A cubit is the length of the forearm measured from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

Selanian Unit


Consists of


Metric Equivalent




0.09 inches

2.3 mm



5 Firesi

0.45 inches

1.15 cm



5 Runami

2.24 inches

5.74 cm



5 Bemari

11.2 inches

28.7 cm



5000 Viteli

0.88 miles

1.435 km



The distance from Divestelan to Travis is five hundred leagues. (See the chapter "Dead Drop" in The Traveler) That is 440 miles, or approximately the size of the state of Oregon from east to west.

Mount Vaduras (the highest peak of the Tyenar Mountains) has been measured at 32,175 cubits, which is 30,071 feet (9,238 meters). Mount Toradeh (highest peak of the Covasins) is 44,325 cubits, or 41,425 feet (12,726 meters). In comparison, Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth, measures approximately 28,760 feet (8,850 meters); Mount McKinley in Alaska measures 20,320 feet (6,242 meters); Mount Hood in Oregon measures 11,239 feet (3,452 meters).

Because Piral and Chyoradan are a bit larger than Earth, and their masses therefore greater, people from these planets are slightly smaller and lighter than people on Earth. As demonstrated in the examples above, mountain ranges on Piral are usually larger than Earth ranges. Since the curvature of Piral is not as pronounced, mountain ranges can be seen from a farther distance than they can on Earth. The Tyenar Range, for example, is visible from Nadil. Both mountain ranges (Covasin and Tyenar) can be seen from the top of a multi-story building in Tolares, or from almost anywhere in the Desert of Vortelan.

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