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The Traveler Universe

Piral Inhabitants: Selani

The Selani are the inhabitants of Piral most similar to humans. But because of Piral's greater mass, the Selani tend to be slightly smaller than humans. Since the novel, The Traveler, deals mainly with the Selani, I've devoted an entire section to the Selanian culture.

The Selani are the race which supposedly populated Piral most extensively. At the time of the Selanian Civil War, the Selani were known to inhabite regions that extended west of the Sea of Ventara and south as far as the Tonisian Plateau and the Sumelan. It was even rumored that some people had attempted to settle in the moor and swamp regions of the Chyenesar east of the Tyenar Mountains. It is not known whether a settlement of the Navaren (Northern Forests) had been attempted at that time.

The approximate lifespan of the Selani was 230 years at the time the Traveler arrived on Piral. The Age of Maturity was set at 33 for women and 44 for men.


Although Gilbert Williams had no intention of portraying the Selani or, for that matter, has anything to do with my series, I think the image of one of his works below beautifully demonstrates what life might have been like in the Tyenar Mountains near Travis. Please click on the image to go directly to the homepage of Gilbert Williams and the Isis Rising Gallery.

Song of the Earth

© Gilbert Williams,
All Rights Reserved.


All rights to the above image are reserved by Isis Rising Gallery which solely represents the work of Gilbert Williams. The image is being used with explicit permission from the Isis Rising Gallery.

Click on the link below (or the image above) to visit the Worlds of Gilbert Williams, an Isis Rising Gallery:


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