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The Traveler Series

On a midsummer evening in 1982, Philip Brannon meets Silana Tolares in an isolated area of the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon. Who is this beautiful and mysterious young woman, and how is she related to the stranger who appears on the planet Piral on a bright spring morning 4,500 years earlier?


An epic tale told in two separate stories

Sounds like a new fantasy romance? Well, maybe, but it's so much more than that. The Traveler series is an epic tale of love and pain, of the battle between light and darkness, and hinges on one man's reluctant acceptance of his fate. I deliberately say hinges, because the Traveler is only one of the main characters in this complex epic, but it's his fate that separates the plot into two separate tales.


One story unfolds in our time, the other 4,500 years ago

Each volume of the series contains two stories. The one is set approximately in our time, either on Earth or on the planet Chyoradan. It describes the events before the Traveler is catapulted 4,500 years back in time. The second story tells what happens after the Traveler arrives on Piral. Both plots are brought together in the coda of the seventh and final volume of the series.

On Earth, Philip discovers that his bride is more than she seems. What does it mean that Silana is the High Priestess of the Selanian Order, and what is the terrible secret that forced her to flee to such an isolated place?

On Piral, dark forces have been unleashed and a civil war threatens to destroy the beautiful and magical world on which the Traveler arrives. Will he be able to confront the darkness buried in his own conflicted soul and help the planet's inhabitants understand the powers that would save them before it is too late?

The Traveler is the first volume of an exciting new series and the point of departure for a profound spiritual voyage. The menu above on the left contains topics that will help you gain insights into the workings and structure of the project.


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