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The Traveler Series


The Traveler series is a complex science fiction – fantasy epic encompassing seven volumes. Each book contains two separate stories that are continued in every consecutive volume. The one story is set approximately in our time, either on Earth or on the planet Chyoradan. It describes the events before the Traveler is catapulted 4,500 years back in time. The second story tells what happens after the Traveler arrives on Piral. Both plots are brought together in the coda of the seventh and final volume of the series.
The table below will give you an idea of the structure and scope of the series.
Book One The Traveler Book Two The High Priestess
  Prologue   Interlude: The Alley
  Prelude: The Rose   Part 2: The High Priestess
  Part 1: The Traveler    
Book Three The Goddess of Death Book Four The Golden Messenger
  Interlude: The Willow   Interlude: To the Ends of the Earth
  Part 3: The Goddess of Death   Part 4: The Golden Messenger
Book Five The Enchantress Book Six The Guardian
  Interlude: The Witchwood   Interlude: Crossroads
  Part 5: The Enchantress   Part 6: The Guardian
Book Seven The One Law
  Interlude: The Tongues of Angels
  Part 7: The One Law
  Coda: The Winds of Eternity


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