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The Traveler Universe

Piral Inhabitants: Tinavar

At the time of the Traveler's arrival on Piral, only mythical stories, legends and fairy tales recounted the existence of the Tinavar, or Unicorns. Legends banished these magical creatures to the Navaren (the magnificent Northern Forests which began north of the town of Navaresa) and even to the icy wastelands of the Far North. It is rumored that a maiden, pure of heart, could tame the wild beasts and allow them to be captured.

The image on the right by Sue Dawe should give you an impression of the majestic beauty of the Tinavar. The main difference between Yazorian (Earth) Unicorns and the Piralian Tinavar is that the Tinavar have crystalline and therefore translucent horns. Please click on the image to go directly to Sue Dawe's homepage.

Hyperborean Realm

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All rights to the above image are reserved by Sue Dawe. The image is being used with explicit permission from the artist. Click here to visit Sue Dawe's official website.


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