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The Traveler Universe

Piral Inhabitants: Ventaren

Every child on Piral knew that such things as the Ventaren, or Mermaids, didn't exist. And yet, no child on Piral would ever turn down the chance of hearing the tales told of these wonderous creatures. Fishermen on the Sea of Ventara would sometimes say (always with a wink of an eye) that they had seen the beautiful sea maidens sitting on rocks, combing their hair and luring unsuspecting men to their deaths with their enchanting song.

Thoughts in Passing



Healing Sun

Little else is known of the Ventaren, except that they are supposedly hermaphrodites and are ruled by a queen.

As with the legends of sirens, their song is said to be irresistable to any men of the Selani who hear it. The song of the Ventaren seems just as much a lure to men as the call of the Tinavar is to women.

The realm of the Ventaren is almost endless, since there are immense underground waterways on Piral. These are the same wells used by the Selani for their water supply.

The water around the Ventaren is said to have magical qualities, similar to the Fountains of Malentisa.

Also, the water is very clear in lakes frequented by the Ventaren, probably so the aquatious plants from which they live get enough sunlight for their growth.


The Seeker

Water from the Rock

Of the many images of Mermaids available on the internet, the paintings by Rodd C. Umlauf seem to best express the contemplative wonder and beauty of the Ventaren. Please click on the images to go directly to Rodd C. Umlauf's homepage. Rodd has more Mermaid art on his Lake Superior Project page, where you can see full-size pictures of the images used on this website.

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